About Master Rusk

Master Rusk is prepared with export quality. It is packed with key vitamins and minerals and enriched with iron and calcium. With no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, one fiber-some rusk alone provides 20% of your baby’s daily iron requirement.

Master Rusk is the first and only Halal Certified Rusk in Pakistan. This certification itself is the proof of premium quality that Master Rusk is pertaining. From picking up raw ingredients to manufacturing and packaging, every step is guaranteed to give you and your family the healthiest bite.

  • Ceartified By SANHA Halal Associates Pakistan

Only Halal Certified Rusk in Pakistan

Master Rusk is the only rusk Certified Halaal by SANHAA, Pakistan. This means that we don’t only abide by Shariah Law for manufacturing edible goods, but our processes are also aligned with the international standards of food quality, health and hygiene.

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